Carpet Cleaning

All of our carpet cleaning solutions are completely safe as we do not use any bleaching agents or harsh detergents, thus ensuring no sticky residues or rapid resoiling. Our cleaning solutions are non- flammable, eco-friendly and highly effective.

We will pre-inspect your carpets and listen to your particular areas of concern. Your carpet will be pre vacuumed with our commercial vacuum cleaner to remove any bonded dry soil prior to deep cleaning. We will endeavour to remove all spots and stains from your carpet that could be ground into the fibres.

A non- detergent pre-spray will be applied and agitated into your carpet before using our state of the art hot water extraction process with regulated heat and pressure to avoid any over wetting. Air pods will be placed in the room to speed dry the carpet. Finally we will groom the carpet to set the nap. When the process is complete together we will inspect the work carried out and make sure you the customer is 100% satisfied.

End of Tenancy

When moving out of your rental property most letting and estate agents (including landlords) now require carpets to be cleaned at the end of the tenancy. This will be stated in your contract. Hiring a carpet cleaning machine yourself will not be permitted as professional cleaning with evidence of the work being undertaken will be required. To avoid being caught out by a hefty deduction or long term dispute on your deposit talk to Carpet Demon to discuss the best options for your budget. All empty properties will be cleaned at a discounted rate.

<h1>Carpet Cleaning</h1>
<h1>Carpet Cleaning</h1>
<h1>Carpet Cleaning</h1>

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