Full End of Tenancy Cleaning Nottingham

In this day and age, many of us rent our houses from private landlords or housing associations. From time to time, people move on and move out, and the property then needs to be prepared for the next tenant. Whether for tenants or for landlords, we offer a full and comprehensive professional cleaning solutions to allow a smooth transition at the end of the tenancy agreement.

For tenants, when moving out of your rental property, there is always a list of cleaning requirements. Nowadays, most letting agents, landlords and estate agents include carpet cleaning on this list, requiring all carpets within the property to be cleaned at the end of the tenancy. This will be stated in your contract. For furnished rentals, you may also be required to do upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning prior to vacating the property. Whilst you could hire a carpet cleaning machine yourself to fulfil this requirement, the majority of times, this will not be permitted as professional cleaning (including evidence of the work being undertaken) will be required to get back the full deposit on the property.

Whether your rented property is in fairly good condition, or if you’ve unfortunately had a series of stains which are proving difficult to get out, we have the professional knowledge and expertise to clean the property and help you get your full deposit back and avoid either a hefty deduction or a long-term dispute. Whether you need an entire house or just a single room cleaning, we can help. We have a range of options available, so talk to Carpet Demon to discuss the best options for your budget.

For landlords

Whilst most rental contracts nowadays place the obligation for end of tenancy carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning on the tenant, sometimes this is not covered by the agreement, or the tenant might leave your rented property without fulfilling these (or any!) cleaning requirements. To get your property and its furnishings back to their former glory, Carpet Demon can help. We offer a range of services including cleaning carpets and upholstery following an outgoing tenant, removing stains and spots through stain treatment, and offering longer-term protection from stains by applying stain protection treatment.

Aside from meeting cleaning requirements and getting the property ready for a new tenant, we also offer a deep cleaning service to go the extra mile in getting the rented property to the highest standard of cleanliness and remove any specific issues such as pet or smoke odours and stains.

Why choose us?

So why choose us for your end of tenancy cleaning requirements? At Carpet Demon, we are a local family business and have years of knowledge and expertise, which we apply to get the best results for you, whether you are a tenant or a landlord. As part of our end of tenancy service, we:

  • Offer a deep cleaning service, to get rid of stubborn stains and odours and bring the property back to its former glory
  • Choose cleaning products and materials that we use so that they are eco-friendly, and are kind to both pets and children
  • Offer a stain removal service to get rid of any tricky stains or spots; we also offer stain protection treatment to give longer term protection
  • Cater to a range of budgets, for example, all empty properties will be cleaned at a discounted rate

Give us a call today to see how we can help with your end of tenancy cleaning requirements. Whether you are a tenant looking to get your full deposit back, or a landlord looking to prepare your property for the next tenant to move in, we can help.

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